Crossbeats enigma TWS earbuds review| Best crossbeats enigma tws headset

Crossbeats enigma TWS earbuds

Crossbeats enigma TWS earbuds 

Crossbeats enigma TWS earbuds

Crossbeats recently launched their brand new earbuds with the latest amazing features and technology which name is Crossbeats Enigma TWS earbuds. These earbuds come with a strong build, premium design, and ergonomically fit in-ear canal we will look at everything in this post. This post on the basis of their build quality, looks, comfort, and performance.

Where to Buy Crossbeats

Box content

  • A welcome note with warranty card, user manual.
  • Extra ear tips.
  • The USB type C cable for charging.
  • Earbuds with charging case.

Crossbeats enigma TWS earbuds Build

Crossbeats enigma TWS earbuds

First, we talk about the charging case, made with decent quality plastic which is very simple and looks very nice and the hinges of the charging case are strong and sturdy.

on these earbuds, there is no physical button provided these earbuds have touch control gesture with the help of these you can easily control and manage all functions.

These earbuds come with an IPX4 rating it will help these protecting from mild splashes of water and sweat.

The earbuds also made with plastic and ear tips made with rubber silicon but they provided excellent build quality and lightweight to this earbuds. The overall build quality is excellent and sturdy.

Crossbeats enigma TWS earbuds Design

Crossbeats enigma TWS earbuds

the crossbeats charging case is slick and slim we can easily carry it with a pocket, design comes with a simple and matt finish which gives it a premium look.

The earbuds come with excellent design and look the tilted ear tips give us extra comfort and proper fitting into the ear canal and each earbud has three microphones. The design of these earbuds is ergonomic and lightweight it can properly fit into the ear canal they don’t come out easily. The overall design of the earbuds and charging case is extraordinarily nice and premium.

Crossbeats enigma TWS earbuds audio quality

Crossbeats enigma TWS earbuds

These earbuds come with powerful 13 mm sound drivers which reproduce excellent quality sound output. The audio quality excellent is in these earbuds the loudness is optimized, The vocals are crystal clear, specially trebles are clean and crisp, The highs mids, and lows are properly audible. The instrumentation separation is working very well, the stereo impact is also good. The bass of these earbuds is mindblowing super means truly impressive bass.

The call quality in these earbuds is excellent enigma provided three microphones on each earbud you can use this indoor and outdoor also.

The gaming performance is also good in these earbuds you can play a game like COD and battleground mobile India easily with these devices we don’t found any latency on these earbuds.

These earbuds come with active noise cancellation we get three types of modes normal mode, ANC mode, and ambiance mode it helps us listen to extraordinary music it reduces the unwanted background noise.

Crossbeats enigma TWS earbuds  battery and connectivity

These earbuds come with the latest Bluetooth version 5.2 this helps earbuds to connect fast and smoothly in connectivity we don’t have any problems. The Bluetooth range of these earbuds is 33 feet.

ON these earbuds we get a Type-C charging connector port and earbuds supports fast charging. And These earbuds support wireless charging also

Battery performance

The Crossbeats enigma TWS earbuds charging case comes with a 2000mAh battery capacity and each earbud has a 70 mAh battery capacity. You will get almost six to seven hours of battery backup with a single charge on earbuds and with a charging case, you will get almost three days of battery backup which is an amazing thing. Almost 90 min time required to fully charge these earbuds.

Controlling function:

You can also control the earbuds with tap gestures and it covers everything single tap on the left side to decrease and right side single tap to increase the volume, On the right side double-tap to toggle pause and play, a tap and hold left side for previous track and tap and hold right side for next track.

with the help of a double-tap to the right side, it gets active noise cancellation mode on/off.  tap and holds to on either side to enable voice system, to receive call single tap and also tap and hold to end call it looks confusing but you use them a couple of hours you will get hang of it.

Crossbeats enigma TWS earbuds quick performance.

Microphone Three microphones on each earbud
Colors Black
Bluetooth 5.2
Active Noise cancellation Supports
Touch control function Yes
Warranty One year 


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Crossbeats enigma TWS earbuds Pros and cons


  • The build quality of the earbuds is really good and sturdy.
  • The song quality is excellent and the bass is also excellent.
  • Earbuds fit properly into the ear canal and feel comfortable.
  • Lightweight and looks very premium.
  • Comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology and a Fast connection.
  • Mic and call quality are excellent.
  • Comes with Active noise cancellations.
  • Comes with an IPX4 rating.
  • Support fast charging and wireless charging.


  • These earbuds do not support the in-ear detection feature.


Crossbeats enigma TWS earbuds come with the excellent build quality, extraordinary design, and comfort. The audio performance is amazing and the Bass is superb in these earbuds. Also, these earbuds support ANC (active noise cancellation) wireless charging.  Earbuds give us decent battery backup and come with a type-c port with this specification these earbuds are perfect for day-to-day use and recommended.

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