How to create YouTube channel | How to make YouTube channel

How to create YouTube channel

How to create YouTube channel

If you want to create a Youtube channel to grow your brand or you want to make online money with Youtube then this article will cover all information about how to create youtube channel so you can start making and uploading your videos and reach your audience.

Creating a youtube channel is not a big task or time taking process it will take few minutes. In this post, you will get step-by-step information about how to create youtube channel.

Some tips before creating a youtube channel

Before opening a youtube channel you know some points about youtube or this thing keep in mind. These are the very important thing so let’s get started.

  • Niche- Fide a niche( category) before you create a channel, I mean which category you like or you are comfortable with. (for example- Tech, Insurance, Health, Education, sports, Food,…… etc.) finding the best niche for you follow your own interest and then decide.
  • Content planning- Once you decide your own niche then start creating content. Whatever you get idea everything note down so it will help you to be up to date. Always make a full weekly plan so you can easily work out.
  • Basic equipment- Running a youtube channel you need basic equipment like a good mic for a voice recording, if possible get a good camera otherwise you can shoot with your mobile phone also, and you need one Tripod, etc. (at the beginning start with basic equipment then upgrade with your channel growth).
  • Light- For a good quality video you need good lighting it will improve your video quality if possible purchase good light otherwise use natural light.
  • Focus on social media- With the help of social media, you can gain more audience for your channel. You need to set up other social media with youtube also. (like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Last but not least you need to be patient because growing your channel takes time.
  • Don’t give up…. Just do it.. All the best.

1. Create a Google account.

For opening a youtube account you need a first google account, But if you are using Gmail,  Google Play, or other google services then maybe you have a google account so you can skip this step.

But if you are starting from the beginning then you need to open a google account from here Create your Google account.

how to create youtube channel

After creating a Google account you are ready to open a youtube channel.

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2. Set up Youtube account

With the above google account, you will automatically get your personal youtube account you need to just set up this account to create a youtube channel.

For that you need to open the youtube website then on the right side of the page you click on the sign-in option button.How to create YouTube channel

After sign in you will get the option to create a channel on your youtube account click on that option.

how to open youtube channel

After clicking on create a channel you need to enter your channel name and then click create a channel.

(Tip- Before doing this step please find a good name for a youtube channel it will reduce your time.)

how to create yotu channel

3. Customize your channel

After creating your channel name you need to customize your youtube channel. Once you login to your youtube account you will get youtube studio option click on that then you will get your channel dashboard

How to create YouTube channel

Then click on options customization after clicking you will get three options to go through these three options, Layout, Branding, and Basic Info.

How to create YouTube channel

Please fill above information carefully it will help your audience to reach you.

Basic info fills with descriptive manner use keywords that include your channel content topic.

In Branding options, you will get an opportunity to upload your channel art and logo for your channel branding purpose.

After doing this you have done all the basic work regarding your channel. so next step is

4. Upload your content video


How to create YouTube channel

Once you have done all the above work you are ready to upload a video for your channel. Now onwards you become a  content creator.

Few tips after uploading videos to do

  • Make your videos publicly discoverable.
  • Optimize the titles of the video and descriptions.
  • Add proper tags to the video descriptions.
  • promote your channel to other social media platforms also.
  • Understand how the youtube algorithms work.
  • Make eye-catching thumbnails.
  • Always try to create good content.
  • make a schedule to upload your videos.
  • And also understand the audience trend with the help of channel analytics.

These are just some tips for you it will help you to create a successful youtube channel and grow yourself. Always keep in mind learning is a never-ending process so always try to learn new things related to youtube.

All the best.

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