Motorola Revou-Q 4K QLED TV(50UHDAQMDT5Q) Review

Motorola Revou-Q 4K QLED TV(50UHDAQMDT5Q)

Motorola Revou-Q 4K QLED TV

Motorola has launched their New smart QLED android TV, which name is Motorola Revou-Q 4K QLED TV(50UHDAQMDT5Q), in 50, and 55 inches sizes. This TV comes with lots of premium features like 4k with android 11 with 60w Quad speakers, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Wireless gamepad, HDR 10 support, Chromecast in-built, etc. the on paper this TV offers lots of features we will check These all features one by one and how it performs on day to day use, we check to Build, design, display quality, etc.

Motorola Revou-Q 4K QLED TV(50UHDAQMDT5Q) is available on the Flipkart

Box content

  • Paperwork(User manual, Warranty information)
  • Two stands with 4 screws.
  • Wall mount bracket.
  • Motorola gamepad.
  • Analog adaptor.
  • Power cable.
  • Remote with batteries.
  • TV.

Motorola Revou-Q 4K QLED TV Build

Motorola Revou-Q 4K QLED TV(50UHDAQMDT5Q)

The TV comes with an excellent build with two metallic stands and the backside of the TV comes with metal plus polycarbonate build, TV is solid and very well build, The good quality material is used for the bezels. The TV comes with Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision,  The overall Tv build is Excellent.


Motorola Revou-Q 4K QLED TV(50UHDAQMDT5Q)

This TV side frame comes with a brush metallic finish, is very sturdy, and looks very premium. The Motorola branding has on the center of the lower bezel, This TV almost comes with a bezel-less design. The backside of the TV panel is made of metal plus polycarbonate.

On the backside of the TV,  we get all connection ports on the backside, one USB 2.0and one USB 3.0, ports,  3 HDMI ports, headphone jack, and antenna, AV composite to set up an older setup box, analog input, and optical input, All required ports provided.  it supports 4k video up to 60Hz. Overall this TV comes with a nice design and elegant look.


Motorola Revou-Q 4K QLED TV(50UHDAQMDT5Q) 2021 variant comes with QLED UHD, VA panel with resolution 3840×2160 pixels. This TV comes with autotune-X display technology and Quantum color filter technology.  The color representation is perfect on these TV and the videos look absolutely stunning.

The details on the images are totally stand out because of the good resolution and 1.1 GHz Quad-Core Processor. The blacks look deep that surprising to see in the VA panel. The Brightness of the TV is really good Motorola claims a 400 nits peak brightness.

The detailing of the picture quality is Sharp and clear. The viewing angles are perfect wherever you sit it looks perfect not shift any angle or brightness. The TV shows picture quality really smooth.

The overall display quality is impressive in this TV it is smooth, clean, and very bright.

Motorola Revou-Q 4K QLED TV Specifications

Processor 1.1 GHz Quad-Core Processor
Display QLED UHD, VA Panel
Resolution  3840 x 2160 pixels
Storage 16 GB
Sound output 60 watt
Bluetooth Yes
Refresh rate 60Hz
OS Android 11
Support Dual Wi-fi band and Bluetooth
Other feature 400 nits brightness, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision

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Motorola Revou-Q 4K QLED TV Performance

The Motorola Revou-Q 4K QLED TV(50UHDAQMDT5Q) comes with a 1.1 GHz Quad-Core Processor, it helps to run TV smoothly, The all streaming apps work well on this TV we don’t notice any lag or app crashes.  All setup boxes work perfectly with this TV and this TV supports  UHD and works well. The TV comes with 60 watt sound output quad speakers clarity and loudness are good, This TV supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby vision which is a good thing.

The sound quality of the TV is really good and The picture quality of the TV is also good, This TV comes with a wide 178 viewing angle.

This Tv comes with the Android 11 onboard TV os support with a clean and stock experience with some preinstalled apps like Netflix, prime video, youtube, etc.

With the Motorola 1.1 GHz Quad-Core Processor and with these specifications Tv performs well, all apps open and work smoothly no lag issue found everything works perfectly. The overall performance is nice on this TV.


Motorola Revou-Q 4K QLED TV(50UHDAQMDT5Q) smart android TV provides us with a sleek and stylish remote, This remote works with Bluetooth as well as infrared which is a good thing. it’s not heavy the remote is made up of plastic and comes with various shortcut keys for youtube, Netflix, Google voice assistant, etc.


Motorola Revou-Q 4K QLED TV(50UHDAQMDT5Q) smart android TV comes with Bluetooth technology which helps the TV connect smoothly with remote and other devices. This TV also supports dual wifi bands which are fast and efficient work very well with wifi devices.

Wireless Gamepad

Motorola has provided the wireless gamepad with this TV, along with sophisticated gaming hardware for a seamless gaming experience.

This gamepad comes with a very premium build with Bluetooth support, which connects fastly with the Tv.

Motorola Revou-Q 4K QLED TV Pros

  • The TV comes with excellent Build with impressive design
  • The TV comes with android 11
  • Supports and works well Dolby Atmos and Dolby vision.
  • The display quality is pretty good.
  • Sound output is also good(loud and clear).
  • Connect fast with wireless and wired also.
  • This TV provides a wireless gamepad in the box.
  • Excellent brightness quality.
  • This TV has autotune-X technology.
  • The TV comes with google voice assistant support.
  • Flow less performance.
  • support one year warranty.


Motorola Revou-Q 4K QLED TV(50UHDAQMDT5Q) smart android TV  has an excellent built and very premium viewing experience, this tv comes with all the smart tv apps that you ever want, and the smooth user experience and if you are looking for the perfect TV for home this one is absolutely recommended. This TV has comes with faster connectivity and Excellent picture quality, impressive audio quality is the plus point of this Tv.

With this TV  you can get a wireless gamepad with help of this you can play basic games flawlessly. The display quality of this tv is excellent. This TV comes with a one-year warranty.

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