Noise buds play V2 truly wireless earbuds review

Noise buds play V2 truly wireless earbuds

Noise buds play V2 truly wireless earbuds

Noise buds play V2 truly wireless earbuds

Recently Noise buds play V2 truly wireless earbuds launched by leading audio manufacturing company noise. Earbuds come with environmental noise cancellation. True bass technology and in-ear detection in the budget price range. We are going to review these noise buds play V2 truly wireless earbuds on the basis of their feature and performance, sound quality, and comfort.

 Box content

The box comes with standard noise packaging. first, we get the earbuds with their case, we get lots of paper works like the user manual, and we get a USB type C charging cable for charging and extra ear tips.

Noise buds play V2 truly wireless earbuds Build

Noise buds play V2 truly wireless earbuds

First, we start with the case of the earbuds which are very nice and soft and this case is really very thin. the overall build quality of the case is truly impressive.

 The inside the case we can see earbuds and the hinge of the case is sturdy and magnetic. 

 let’s look into Earbuds

Noise buds play V2 truly wireless earbuds

The earbuds have a Shiny glossy finish and feel really smooth in the hand. Each earbud has two microphones for better call quality, They have also come with an IPX4 rating means water resistance from mild splashes and sweat.

Noise buds play V2 truly wireless earbuds Design

Noise buds play V2 truly wireless earbuds

The case of these earbuds is very Shiny and soft made with a lightweight design it looks very premium. The earbuds are made aesthetically and ergonomically. They have come with really Shiny and glossy finishing. These earbuds come with two microphones which gives us nice call quality, one is a give below the earbuds another one in the back of the earbuds.

 Fit and comfort

These earbuds are made ergonomically and aesthetically they are properly fit into the ear canal. These earbuds play v2 play also come with an in-ear detection feature which means if you remove the earbuds from the ear while the playing music is pause and when you put them back in-ear it resumes instantly.

These earphones fit really well into ear Canal also they are lightweight 4.5 grams each one important thing you can swap the ear tips if you do not find them comfortable. The overall fit and comfort of these earbuds are very nice.

Connectivity and Battery performance

Noise buds play V2 truly wireless earbuds

These earbuds come with Bluetooth latest 5.0 technology it gives us really fast and better connectivity. Also, handy feature is fast Google pairing ideal for using with Android phones it’s done in a couple of seconds. These earbuds also nicely work with iOS devices also.

Battery performance

The noise claims the 5 hours battery backup with 50% volume but you can expect it on 60% volume you will get 3 to 4 hours battery backup. The case can charge earbuds around four times and it takes almost one hour to fully charge the case of the earbuds.

Controlling function

You can also control the earbuds with tap gestures and it covers everything single tap to decrease and increase the volume, double-tap to toggle pause and play, a tap and hold left side for previous track and tap and hold right side for next track, triple tap to on either side to enable voice system, to receive call double-tap and also double-tap to end call it looks confusing but you use them a couple of hours you will get hang of it.

Noise buds play V2 truly wireless earbuds Audio quality

Noise buds play V2 truly wireless earbuds

The sound output is impressive in this Noise buds play V2 truly wireless earbuds the sound profile is very profound nice. Come with thumpy bass. Mids are decent and lows are really well.

The vocals and instrumentation sound separation are really well. Vocals are crystal clear you will get excellent audio output in the earbuds, the mic, and call quality also good and impressive. Earbuds come with the environmental noise cancellation that is awesome

Quick feature

Microphone Dual microphones
Colors Celeste blue, Onyx black, pearl white
Bluetooth 5.0
Weight 4.5g  each earbud 
Touch control function Yes
Warranty One year 


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Pro and cons of Noise buds play V2 truly wireless earbuds
  • The build quality of the earbuds is really good.
  • The song quality and bass are also excellent.
  • Earbuds fit properly and feel comfortable.
  • Lightweight and looks very premium.
  • Fast connect.
  • Mic and call quality are excellent.


  • Not come with ANC.( active noise cancellations).
  • These earbuds do not come with app support.
  • Sometimes you feel latency while playing the game.

These earbuds are light, portable and provide us excellent quality sound output and easily connect with devices. These are perfect for music listeners, Perfect for gym and workout but not recommended for a gamer.

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