NoiseFit active smartwatch review

NoiseFit active smartwatch

NoiseFit active smartwatch Review

Noise recently launch the NoiseFit active smartwatch in the affordable price range with the latest feature we will look into that there build quality, design and Display, and some other features as well how they perform and where they lag.

NoiseFit active smartwatch

 NoiseFit active smartwatch Box content:

In the NoiseFit active smartwatch box we get some paperwork like the user manual, and warranty card, we get the watch itself, and one magnetic charging cable for charging.

The Build quality of the NoiseFit active smartwatch

NoiseFit active smartwatch

In this NoiseFit active smartwatch, we get build quality top-notch, the frame of watch is made with metal and the material used as polycarbonate with silicone strap, in this material the NoiseFit active smartwatch give us premium build quality.

NoiseFit active smartwatch Design Review

NoiseFit active smartwatch

 The NoiseFit active smartwatch comes with a round shape dial with a silicone strap, These watches are available in four different color options. On the dial, we get two buttons for control functions and enable sport mode the upper button wakes up the display and also accesses the display and the bottom one is quick to launch buttons for workout modes. The strap comes with a buckle design with Noise branding. on the round dials back we get some sensors and charging terminals.

NoiseFit active smartwatch Display Review

 let’s come to the display it has a circular shape 1.28 inch TFT LCD display with a resolution of 240*246  pixels.  The color reproduction is quite good and the text is crisp enough to read.  Brightness also good we can use it outdoor on sunny days and the good thing is we can manually adjust the brightness setting.

NoiseFit active smartwatch some feature
  • This was coming with Bluetooth 5.0 and it can be easily paired with Android and IOS devices, for we need to download the app.
  • Smartwatch comes with heartrate sensors we also get everyone’s favorite SpO2 sensors it measures your blood oxygen level(however use this for reference, not for any medical purposes)
  • This watch comes with a 320mah battery capacity which provides seven days of battery backup and it requires two hours to be fully charged.
  • The watch also comes with a 5 ATM rating provided us with water resistance so we can easily wear it when swimming or taking a shower.
  •  Also, this watch monitors your work stress and breath that helps us to relax and free stress.
  • The NoiseFit active smartwatch comes with 14 workouts mode like outdoor walk, outdoor  Run,  outdoor cycling, indoor walk, elliptical training, pool swimming, open water swimming, cricket, hiking, and yoga, etc.
  • This smartwatch works pretty accurately it shows the space, distance, time, and heart rate and calories burn everything that we need.

NoiseFit active smartwatch pros

  • This watch is easy to use.
  •  The smartwatch provides an accurate measure.
  •  The display of the Smartwatch is top-notch.
  • The notification alert and call alert feature works nicely.
  •  This smartwatch comes with good battery backup and fast charging.
  • NoiseFit active smartwatch mobile application user interface is good and easy to use and manage.

NoiseFit active smartwatch cons

  • This smartwatch device does not provide GPS features.
  •  Sometimes you feel the smartwatch bulky if we compared other competitive Smartwatches.
  •  Notification alerts show after a 1 to 2-second delay(may be fixed by a software update).

 It is a really good watch for health check reference and workout but lacking GPS feature is the only disappointing thing but in this price point, we can surely go with this smartwatch because we get an excellent quality watch with a sturdy design.

In this price range, we get a pretty decent and premium quality watch.

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