Truke Horizon SmartWatch review

Truke Horizon SmartWatch review

Truke Horizon SmartWatch 

Truke Horizon Smartwatch is the first smartwatch launched by the Truke company with three different colors. This smartwatch comes with all new and advanced features like GPS, a heart rate monitor, Blood pressure monitor, SpO2, IP68 rating, etc.

This smartwatch’s design and look are amazing, it comes with an Aluminum alloy build quality gives a premium feel to this smartwatch. In this post, we will check everything like features, specifications, and performance, what is good and what’s not good.

Box content

  • Paperwork(Quick start guide, Noise stickers)
  • Smartwatch with strap.
  • Charging connector.

Truke Horizon SmartWatch Build

Truke Horizon SmartWatch review

Truke Horizon Smartwatch comes with an excellent build quality, which gives stunning look to the smartwatch. The frame of the smartwatch is made of a fully aluminum alloy. The backside of the watch is made of plastic.

We get one strap that is made of Silicon material. this smartwatch comes with IP68 water resistance. The overall build quality is superb in this watch.

Truke Horizon SmartWatch Design

The Truke Horizon Smartwatch comes with a square shape design with three color options that look very premium. The matt color alloy frame of the watch looks very attractive. There is a button on the side to wake the smartwatch display or turn off the display.

The strap of this watch comes with a nice design that is soft and attractive, this strap can not easily swap with a third-party band(it tide with a screw). On the backside of the watch, we get sensors and a charging terminal, Overall the build and design of this Truke Horizon Smartwatch look premium.


Truke Horizon SmartWatch review

This Truke Horizon Smartwatch comes with a 1.69-inch TFT LCD display with a resolution of 240×280 pixels. The colors look vibrant in this smartwatch, The brightness of the smartwatch is really good it gets bright enough to see outdoors. Also, the brightness can be adjusted as per your preference.

The interface of the smartwatch is cool and feels like you can touch the screen. The color reproduction of the watch is excellent, The bezels are very slim and texts are sharp enough to read in this smartwatch.

we can easily customize the watch faces using the side button of this smartwatch. We get  The very premium display quality in this smartwatch.

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Truke Horizon SmartWatch Battery and connectivity


This Truke Horizon Smartwatch comes with a 300mAh capacity battery life and truke claims it gives us 7 days of battery backup but we can expect this battery backup for 5 to 6 days with medium to heavy use. Battery life might depend upon how we use the smartwatch the brightness level and which app we use, etc.


This smartwatch comes with a magnetic charging connector for charging and this smartwatch has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version which connects both Android and iPhone fast and easily, for that, you have to download a companion app from the play store or app store.

UI and Performance

This smartwatch UI is very smooth and attractive. The images and text are sharp enough to read. All watch applications are easy to navigate and fast.

  • Swipe from up for access notifications panel.
  • Swipe from down for quick toggle and setting watch,
  • Swipe from the right for access menu.
  • Swipe from the left for use app.

Truke Horizon SmartWatch Specifications


  • Heart rate- This smartwatch comes with the latest heart rate monitor sensors which help us to measure the heart rate while doing exercise.
  • Oxygen monitor- This smartwatch comes with SpO2 sensors which measure and monitor the blood oxygen level.
  • Blood pressure monitor- This smartwatch comes with the blood pressure monitor feature.
  • Sleep monitor- The sleep monitor feature is pretty accurate and very helpful.

(However, use this only for reference purposes, not any medical purposes)

Always-on display

This smartwatch support an always-on display- Keep all the important information just a glance away on a display that never sleeps.


With the help of GPS, we can measure and track accurate distance and step count while we are doing exercise.

Sports mode

This smartwatch comes with 14  different sports modes like Outdoor Running, Indoor Running, Indoor Cycling, Outdoor Cycling, Free Training, Table Tennis, Basketball, Football, Badminton, Cricket, Mountaineering, Cross-Country Swimming, Pool Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Stair Climbing, etc.


  • This smartwatch comes with huge collections of watch faces.
  • We can direct set alarm on the watch.
  • This smartwatch also comes with the find my phone features.
  • The interface is unique and quite good on this smartwatch.
  • Smart alert notification.

Truke Horizon SmartWatch pros and cons


  • This smartwatch comes with a Strong build.
  • Unique and premium look with metal frame finish.
  • The smartwatch comes with an IP68 rating.
  • The color and text are sharp enough.
  • This smartwatch comes with excellent brightness.
  • Almost all sensors work accurately.
  • Connect fast and hustle-free.
  • Easy and simple user interface.
  • This watch comes with one year warranty.


  • Missing the body temperature app and menstrual cycle tracking app.
  • Missing UI animations.


The Truke Horizon Smartwatch is a premium-looking smartwatch that comes with three different colors options. This smartwatch also comes with all sensors. it provides decent battery backup with quite nice performance.

The watch comes with excellent build quality and a nice design. It comes with an almost complete package and looks, The watch has a large 1.69-inch Display and excellent brightness, comes with lots of custom watch faces, you can consider this smartwatch.

The Truke Horizon Smartwatch looks crisp huge 1.69-inch display, metal built, lots of custom watch faces, and 14 sports mode, always-on mode, sleep tracking you can consider this smartwatch.

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  1. Temprature and ecg should be memdatery in smat watches. You can hike the price for that,its not there that every one is looking for a smart watch under a certain price tag though apple watch is selling in good numbers

  2. I had purchased this watch in 2500 within 6 months they started selling it in 999. I am not having any problem with my purchase the main problem i am facing is the strap. As said in the article they have a specific starp of their own which is non swappable. My strap got cut due to daily use however now when I contacted the company they are telling me that they sell only watches not straps. What is a watch worth without a strap. Though I am satisfied with the functioning part of the watch I cannot usee it any more.


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