YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband review| YAMAHA EP-E70A Wireless Bluetooth in-Ear Neckband

YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband review

YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband

Yamaha comes with their new product in the wireless neckband category which name is YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband this neckband is a premium category neckband. This time Yamaha comes with the latest neckband Bluetooth earphones comes with advanced noise cancelations, Ambient Sound Mode, Listening Optimizer,  18 hours of playtime, mic, and many more features. we check and cover everything about these headphones in this post, their features, and how they perform.

Box Content

  • Paper material.
  • USB Type-C cable.
  • USB Type-C to 3.5mm jack cable.
  • soft carrying case.
  • Extra ear tips.
  • Neckband.

YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband Build and design


YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband frame is fully made of polycarbonate the housing of the earphone is good and strong and the material used on the earphone.

The neckband quality is good and flexible, the wire quality of the earphone is good, the quality of the earbuds also good. The overall Yamaha E70A neckband build quality is strong and sturdy.


YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband Bluetooth earphones come with two color options which look very nice and premium. Yamaha EP-E70A Bluetooth earphones come with excellent design. This Bluetooth earphone comes with a matt finish color.

Earphones look very premium the color finishing is nicely done. These earphones build ergonomically and give us proper comfort on the right side of the neckband we have a single button for ANC and on the left, we have three buttons that control volume, play/pause, answer the calls and power buttons.


These Bluetooth neckband earbuds properly fit into the ear canal not come out easily make sure you using the right size ear tips, the placement of the control function key is done ergonomically.

YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband Battery and connectivity


YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband Bluetooth earphones give us up to 18 hours of playback music playback at 70% volume.


These earphones come with the latest Bluetooth version 5.0,  the connectivity is very fast in these headphones, also these earphones come with a type-c charging connector port and we can use these earphones with aux cable also.

YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband Audio

In YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband we get 9.2mm, dynamic drivers, in each earbud which reproduces excellent quality sound output vocals are crystal clear, and Crisp, trebles are good, the bass is very good and enhanced in these earphones.

Mids and High sound frequency are excellent, The volume of the earphones is Balanced. The overall sound quality of this earphone is excellent, the mic quality of the earphone is excellent and call quality is also good.

Mic and Call quality

These earphones come with a microphone and Active noise cancellation(ANC) with this feature YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband eliminates all the surrounding distractions and ensures that you get heard clearly, these earphones all time are giving us excellent sound output and call quality.

This earphone call and mic perform very well indoor as well as outdoor also. it reduces maximum unwanted surrounding noise.

YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband features

Listening Optimiser

the listening optimizer does that optimizes the sound in real-time adapting to you and your environment provide a more improved song.

Listening Care

Sound at some frequency is hard to hear at low volume so what we do usually increase the volume but that could lead to damaging your ear so here listening care feature balances sound pressure and frequency spectrum so every note can be actually heard even at low volume.

Active Noise cancellations

It reduces external sound and makes way for clear audio and it does a really good job here most of the ambient sound reduces such as a fan or a noisy air conditioner.

Microphone Yes 
Driver size 9.2 MM
Colors Black, White
ANC(Active Noise cancellations) Support
Bluetooth  5.0
Water-resistant not mention

YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband Pros

  • Active noise control provided.
  • microphones for better call quality.
  • Strong and sturdy design Build quality.
  • The sound quality is good.
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 version.
  • Up to 18 hours long battery backup.
  • Listening optimizer.
  • We can use AUX cable also with this neckband.
  • Type c connector port.
  • One-year warranty.


Overall in these YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckbands, we get excellent build quality, good bass, and excellent sound quality. Mike and call quality is also good. when watching movies and listening to sounds, these neckband earphones perform very well and are impressive.

If you are gaming enthusiastic and want a premium neckband for the world-class music experience these YAMAHA EP-E70A Bluetooth Neckband are good options to consider.

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