BoAt Rockerz 265v2 Earphones Review with pros and cons

Boat Rockerz 265v2 Earphones Review with pros and cons.

boAt Rockerz 265v2 comes with the budget price range segment, In the year 2020, this boAt Rockerz 265v2 earphones launched by boat we will discuss boAt Rockerz 265v2 earphones review, everything we will discuss Audio quality, build quality, battery performance with fast charging, call quality and all features with pros and cons, it will help all of you to buy or not these earphones,  the following features of the boAt Rockerz 265v2.

BoAt Rockerz 265v2 Earphones Review with pros and cons

boAt Rockerz 265v2 earphones build quality review:

boAt Rockerz 265v2 these earphones come with excellent build quality, the high-quality silicon material used in these earphones, the metal earbuds with magnetic control used in these earphones which give us excellent comfort, with the magnetic earbuds you can even use them for power, playback, and call functions, boAt Rockerz 265v2 earphones control board made with the metal it gives us next-level user experience and elegant look. These earphones come with the IPX5 rating which will give us water and sweatproof resistance.

boAt Rockerz 265v2 earphones Design Review:

boAt Rockerz 265v2 earphones come with a light-weight design and Its control board is made with an Ergonomic Design and all key functions are properly placed.

These earphones come with neckband style, it looks stunning, branding is done nicely, metal earbuds designed ergonomically and inclined shape gives us proper fitting in-ear.

overall these earphones provide a nice experience comfort-wise, especially the magnetic earbuds play and pause function provide a better experience.

The audio quality of boAt Rockerz 265v2:

we will discuss the here audio performance of boAt Rockerz 265v2 it gives us excellent sound quality with the help of 10mm dynamic drivers in earphones you will get high-quality audio crystal clear vocals and beats.

These earphones come with an Equilizer modes button whenever you want to listen to the balanced sound or want to shift Bass mode with help of this Equilizer modes button you can do it.

plus points about this boAt Rockerz 265v2 earphones gives crystal clear sound vocals and beats are the very good best option for the music listener it will give an excellent experience and richness in sound.

Some negative points or cons of boAt Rockerz 265v2 the bass is balanced not high as compared to other boat earphones. not recommended for gamers audio lagging or you feel latency in audio delivery.

Battery performance:

The boAt Rockerz 265v2 earphones come with Fast charging technology with the type c connectivity interface, these earphones once charge fully it long-lasted 20 hours, these earphones’ 10-minute charging gives us 10 hours of playtime and it takes full charge of 40 minutes.

pros: Fast charging, long-lasting battery, latest charging connectivity.

Cons: not seen as such.

Mic quality and call quality:

Boat 265v2 comes with an excellent mic and call clarity, in these sections Boat 265v2 earphones give us excellent mike quality.

Connectivity and Range:

These earphones come with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology which will provide us faster connectivity and an easy hassle-free connection. these earphones come in a 10 m Bluetooth range for long-distance connectivity.

Pros and cons of boAt Rockerz 265v2:

Pros cons
strong build, ergonomically design

Audio lagging while gaming

metal earbuds with magnetic control

low bass

fast charging with type-c port
Dual pairing
20 hours battery backup
EQ mode 
IPX5 water and sweatproof
one year warranty

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we discussed everything about these earphones it will help you to know all about these earphones’ features, their pros, and cons. If we talk plus point about these earphones provide excellent audio quality, strong and sturdy build quality, nice and ergonomically design, fast charging, magnetic control function, these are some plus points of boAt Rockerz 265v2 earphones.

Some negative side of this boAt Rockerz 265v2 earphones, Not recommended for gamers, you feel latency in audio delivery,  the bass of this earphone is balanced, not high compared to other boat earphones you feel low bass if you are the previous user of the boat.

In this price range, these boAt earphones give us the valuable product you all think about it, I have given here plenty of reasons why should we buy or why not.

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