MIVI collar 2B wireless Earphones Reviews with pros and cons

MIVI collar 2B wireless earphones pros and cons

MIVI collar 2B wireless earphones Reviews with pros and cons

MIVI collar 2B wireless earphones pros and cons

MIVI is one of the largest audio equipment manufacturing companies, this year MIVI launches one of the best neckband style wireless earphones price range under 1500 which supported the fast charging with the super build quality and lightweight design and various color options and the MIVI Collar 2B wireless earphones with premium audio capacity is the one stops solution for the best wireless earphone under budget price range.

This earphones review is made on the earphone’s audio quality connectivity and earphones’ build quality.

MIVI collar 2B earphones build quality review

The MIVI collar 2B wireless earphone is made with the finest and premium materials this earphone is made with sweatproof, dustproof, you can use them without worry this earphone withstands all weather and delivers an unlimited performance each time.

These earphones’ wires quality is also good and the neckband material used sturdy and flexible which made these headphones premium a wonderful with magnetic earbuds.

MIVI collar 2B wireless earphones design reviews

MIVI collar 2B wireless earphones are super lightweight design with various color options, these earphones left side collar has volume and multimedia control function key with Micro USB design for charging.

These earphones are made in India, from design to manufacturing we can definitely Or proudly say made in India it is built locally to compete globally, the branding on mivi earphones are done nicely, these earphones provide comfortable design the earbuds fit in the ear nicely.

The sound quality review of MIVI collar 2B wireless earphone

These earphones come with excellent audio quality with an immersive signature sound, this will surprise You,

bass is balanced, treble and vocals are also balanced, the dynamic drivers elevate your listening experience to something you could never imagine before.

With these earphones, you can use a crystal clear calling experience.

  • The sound quality is good.
  • Treble Bass and vocals are good.


  • bass is balanced not high.
  • Audio latency in gaming is not recommended for gaming.
  • These earphones are not too loud/lacking in loudness.

Connectivity and battery performance MIVI collar 2B wireless earphones

These earphones come with dual Pairing connectivity options which allows you to come with an interesting feature that lets users pair two devices with the earphones at the same time, in addition to the ability to control the devices simultaneously.
these earphones support fast charging, 10 minutes of charging gives us 10-hour playtime at 70% volume, these earphones full charge at 40 to 45 minutes, these earphones come with the latest Bluetooth earphones technology.

  • Superfast charging.
  • Dual pairing connectivity.
  • Easy And hassle-free connectivity.


  • Micro USB, not type C

Major Features of MIVI collar 2B wireless Earphones

Microphone YES
Fast Charging YES
Color option Black, blue, grey, red, green, orange
Dual Pairing Yes
Weight 29g
Warranty one year

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pros and cons MIVI collar 2B wireless Earphones


  • comes with the good build quality and premium design.
  • Earbuds are nice.
  • provide us with good and rich signature sound quality.
  • support fast charging, charging speed is quicker than other wireless earphones.
  • bass is balanced.
  • support voice assistance google and Siri.
  • comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
  • these earphones support dual pairing.
  • Battery performance also good provides long-lasting battery life.
  • these earphones are lightweight.
  • mike and call quality are also good.
  • Made in India.


  • used micro USB port, not type-c for charging connectivity.
  • Audio latency in gaming.
  • lacking in loudness.
  • control and volume function key very hard to operate.


if you are looking for Bluetooth earphones for listening to a song with decent and excellent audio experience and calling purpose which supports charging and long-lasting battery life then I recommend this product to you.

This product is not recommended for gamers coz latency in audio delivery, Overall great product, suggest this product for this price range provides a good value money product, and also made in India.

Comfort ✔️ | Sound ✔️ | Bass ✔️ | Noise Cancellation ✔️ | Battery Life ✔️ | Charging Time ✔️

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